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Sullivan and Sons, Inc., has been selling market-leading brands of instrumentation and control valves for over 25 years. Product and service offerings include the best remanufactured products on the market with savings 40-70% off retail, major brands in new surplus as well as factory new, a full service/repair facility, on-site field service/support, and project engineering services. Emerson® products such as Fisher®, Fisher-Regulators®, Rosemount®, and Micromotion® are among those market-leading brands in which we specialize. Other major brands we provide include Invensys-Foxboro®, Siemens-Moore®, Honeywell®, Yokogawa®, Taylor Valve®, and Belgas®. Need it FAST? Let us help you today!
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Fisher® E Sliding-Stem Valve
Design ET, EAT, and ETR general-purpose control valves are used for throttling or on-off control of a wide variety of liquids and gases.
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