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Sullivan Process Controls, has been selling market-leading brands of instrumentation and control valves for over 30 years. We are now MANUFACTURING a FACTORY NEW S&S brand control valve that is a direct replacement for Fisher® at half the price! Other product and service offerings include the best remanufactured products on the market with savings 40-70% off retail, new surplus, a full service and repair facility, on-site field service, and engineering services. Emerson® products such as Fisher®, Rosemount®, and Micromotion® are among those market-leading brands in which we specialize. We offer many other major brands so check our products page. Need it FAST? Let us help you today!

Our 23,000 sq. ft. warehouse is stocked with all major brands of instruments and valves ready to be rebuilt to your specifications. All of our products are rebuilt to exacting standards, and calibrated using some of the latest calibration technology available. Our products are then shipped to you looking and functioning "like new” and ready to install. We offer remanufactured/surplus equipment for 40-70% off retail and although we might not be the largest among the competition, we are the best by far!

Our main goal is to meet every customer's individual needs by providing high-quality products and services with quick lead times. The business of remanufactured instrumentation and control valves is an economically important and competitive market and we differentiate ourselves by providing a superior product, top-notch service/support, and specialized customer care.

Need repairs? We offer a full service repair facility for all instrumentation and control valves. Our valve shop offers the latest technology and top-notch technicians which increases our production and decreases our lead times. The repairs on our control valves include dis-assembly, sandblasting, resurfacing of gasket surfaces, replacement of all soft parts, replacement or repair of trim, tough powder coating, reassembly, and shell and leak test. A two year warranty is available on our repairs.

History of Sullivan Process Controls

Our History began as Sullivan and Sons in 1986 and began selling surplus instrumentation and controls. The company expanded into instrumentation repair in 1988 and opened a new service repair facility in northwest Louisiana. Continued growth allowed further expansion with the construction of a new facility in 1990 as well as the addition of key employees with technical expertise and certifications in both instrumentation and control valve engineering. Customer service and sales divisions were also increased to support the growing customer base that reached nationwide.

In 1994, the company entered the control valve market by producing a superior product that was reliable and cost effective for increasingly tight budgets. Sullivan and Sons, Inc., was able to quickly make its name synonymous with quality in the industry and become a leader in the remanufactured control valve market. A new valve assembly and repair facility was built to accommodate the growth. There has been a steady increase in both the instrumentation and control valve divisions as new product lines and quality personnel have been added.

In addition to sales and production facilities at the headquarters in northwest Louisiana are 20,000 square feet of warehousing that allow the ability to stock a large inventory of products for quick lead times.In 2001, with sales territories expanding and reaching throughout North America, the export division was created and began marketing across the globe. Products and services are now provided to companies all over the world including over a dozen foreign countries. In recent years new products such as Sullivan and Sons brand control valves and process controls, as well as relief valves and regulators, have been included in product offerings.

Sullivan Process Controls, has built a foundation for growth and success by providing top-notch products, by recruiting skilled high-character employees, by showing attention to detail, and, most importantly, by making customer service the #1 priority.

Our Customers

Sullivan Process Controls goal is to establish lasting relationships with every customer by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional customer service and support. We serve thousands of customers nationwide as well as across the globe.

Major Industries Served

  • Oil / Gas
  • Refining
  • Power
  • Chemical
  • Petrochemical
  • Pulp / Paper
  • Water / Wastewater
  • Food / Beverage

Some of our key customer accounts include

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