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  • Foxboro 9300A Series - Flanged Magnetic Flowmeter

    Foxboro 9300A Series - Flanged Magnetic Flowmeter

    9300A Series Flanged Magnetic Flowtubes pfa Lined, 25 to 300 mm (1 to 12 in) Sizes ptfe Lined, 15 to 400 mm (1/2 to 16 in) Sizes Polyurethane Lined, 200 to 400 mm (8 to 16 in) Sizes These pfa, ptfe, and polyurethane-lined compact, flanged magnetic flowtubes, together with an IMT25 or IMT25L Magnetic Flow Transmitter combine to form an easy-to-use versatile, dc pulsed Magnetic Flowmeter. The flowmeter measures electrically conductive liquids and produces a measurement signal directly proportional to volumetric flow rate.

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