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Our main goal is to meet every customer's individual needs by providing high-quality products and services with quick lead times.

Why should I buy remanufactured products from Sullivan and Sons, Inc.?

Save time, cut costs 40-75%, best quality, precision and reliability, fast lead times, warranty guarantee, and help save the environment by recycling.

What is the difference between remanufactured (rebuilt), new surplus, aftermarket, and factory new?

Remanufactured – Process of disassembly and recovery at the module level and, eventually, at the component level. Through a series of industrial processes in a factory environment, a previously used product is completely disassembled. Parts are cleaned, refurbished/repaired or replaced, thoroughly inspected through a quality control process, and placed into inventory. The product is reassembled to produce a "like-new” unit, fully equivalent and sometimes superior in performance and expected lifetime in relation to a new product.
New Surplus – Unused surplus equipment not supplied from OEM directly.
Aftermarket – Equivalent or direct replacements for OEM products.
Factory new – Factory direct OEM products.

We offer remanufactured/surplus equipment for 40-75% off retail and although we might not be the largest among the competition, we are the best by far!

The business of remanufactured industrial instrumentation and automated control valves is an economically important and competitive market and we differentiate ourselves by providing a superior product, top-notch service/support, and specialized customer care.

Need New equipment? We offer New Surplus as an option in many product lines. This saves time and money, but still meets most new equipment requirements. We can also supply Aftermarket equivalents as well as Factory New equipment at competitive prices. Finally, the Sullivan and Sons Product lines are available and are direct replacements for the OEM products.
Need Repairs?We offer a full service repair facility for all instrumentation and control valves. Our valve shop offers the latest technology and top-notch technicians which increases our production and decreases our lead times. The repairs on our control valves include dis-assembly, sandblasting, resurfacing of gasket surfaces, replacement of all soft parts, replacement or repair of trim, tough powder coating, reassembly, and shell and leak test. A two year warranty is available on our repairs.

If you have a tight budget a great solution to the problem is to repair your existing equipment.
Get it repaired and save valuable time and money!



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